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I'm a writer, a thinker, and a creator, a visionary who draws inspiration from everything in the universe; comics, graphic novels, TV, movies, and real life experiences... nothing's off limits!


Having discovered my passion at an early age, I continue to explore new and exciting subjects across a variety of genres. My current collection of erotic short stories, poems, and novels will provide a tantalizing reading experience for anyone bold enough to cross the threshold.

Packed from beginning to end with vivid imagery, sensual dialogue, and heart-stopping action, my stories will take your mind on a journey that promises to leave you wanting more! Each page dares you to become emotionally involved and once that happens, your body is sure to follow.


Although fictional, each tale is written with a gritty realism that's both entertaining and stimulating.

Dark Half Productions exists because I have a vision and that vision is to push the limits of your imagination. From erotic short stories to full length novels, you're guaranteed to embark on an unforgettable journey. And don't be surprised if you learn a few things about yourself along the way.

P. D. Baldwin

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