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Coming Attractions!


Welcome to my Coming Attractions page where you'll get sneak peaks and exciting details about upcoming novels and other releases. Also, be on the lookout for exclusive online offers! 


Operation Cover-up: Curse of the Black Mamba Book 1 

Senator Robert "Bob" McKenna is the perfect candidate. This fiery "people's champ" with his charm, good looks, and beautiful family is all but guaranteed to be the next President of the United States. That is until a string of grisly murders and the appearance of a mysterious stranger opens a Pandora's Box that threatens to derail McKenna's campaign. Desperate to salvage his reputation and his sterling image, the senator enlists the services of an elite assassin known as 'The Black Mamba' and from there, all hell breaks loose. 

Available now where books are sold!


Operation Cover-up Curse of the Black Mamba Book 2


While searching for the culprit behind a series of brutal murders, 'The Black Mamba' discovers a number of skeletons in Senator McKenna's closet, among them a pair of murders so heinous they haven't been mentioned in close to thirty years. 'The Mamba' soon discovers that murder isn't his nemesis' only motive, especially when he connects a breach in The Agency's security to a jilted former member. With law enforcement closing in on his mark, 'The Mamba' must choose between containing the collateral damage or protecting the senator from the sins of his past.    


Coming in 2020


Beauty and the Hit-man


20 years ago, Agent Hunter Frost aka 'Felix Smith' disappeared while working under cover inside POLARIS, a ruthless, multi-national conglomerate with ties to global terrorism. After an accident landed him in the hospital, the CIA abandoned their efforts and left Frost for dead. Unbeknownst to them, he survived and continued his mission. Desperate to stop POLARIS from inciting the next World War, Frost reaches out to an old associate but gets more than he bargained for when he crosses paths with a team of female operatives and a hot-headed recruit with a chip on her shoulder. Together they must match wits with a cutthroat CEO, his army of trained killers, and a master assassin who knows their every move.  


Coming soon from Dark Half Productions!



Alicia Brown is the type of woman every man wants; intelligent, beautiful, hardworking, and loyal. She's the definition of a 'ride-or-die' chick, except for one thing. She's been riding for the wrong man! Alicia feels that her life is spiraling out of control until she meets Donovan Stokes, an enigmatic entrepreneur who exposes her to a passion so deep and sensual it makes her question the future of her relationship. Her gut is telling her to stay loyal but her desires for Donovan have become Insatiable!
Coming soon from Dark Half Productions!


A Monster Among Us

Imagine being a rookie cop in a large metropolitan city under siege by a notorious rapist. For Officer Terrance Newman, this is a dark reality. Paired with a burnt-out detective with his sights set on retirement, Officer Newman tracks this monster dubbed "Diabolical" and brings  him to justice. After spending ten years locked away, "Diabolical" is released and shortly thereafter new victims begin emerging.  Terrance tracks and arrests his nemesis once again only to discover that the trail of evidence leads to another suspect. This failed arrest puts him in the cross-hairs of Internal Affairs and Arthur Hartman, a prominent attorney who inexplicably comes to "Diabolical's" defense. Facing the prospect of his career ending, Detective Newman teams up with a well-known reporter and together they uncover a police conspiracy that's been ten years in the making. In the processes, he also unearths a nefarious plot involving "Diabolical's" recently murdered mother and his father who’s been hiding in plain sight the entire time. 

Coming soon from Dark Half Productions! 



Karma: A Bitch with a Good Memory
When a judge handed Brandy Coleman a ten year prison sentence, she thought her life was over. If prison didn't kill her, being without Eric would. But like a true 'Boss', Brandy flipped her situation and after making some strategic moves, she took over the entire prison! With the guards at her disposal and some major influence from the outside, Brandy established a multi-million dollar drug ring from her cell. On the outside though, things were rapidly changing. Someone murdered her lover and his cousin, Pierce Greene, has taken the throne. Brandy emerges from prison with one thing on her mind; a smooth getaway but her plans are derailed when she begins to suspect that Pierce, or someone from his camp murdered Eric. Her quest for the truth aligns Brandy with the 'new king' and in the process they discover a painful reality. Loyalty is dead. Only greed and envy remain. 
Coming soon from Dark Half Productions!
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