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Operation Cover-up: Curse of the Black Mamba

Illegal payoffs. Deception. Murder. Corruption.

This isn't a movie plot. It's the making of a modern day Presidency. For Senator Robert McKenna, the journey to the White House started the moment he stepped foot on Yale's prestigious campus and since then, his life has been a carefully orchestrated series of events that would eventually lead him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His fiery rhetoric, good looks, and charm make him a shoe-in for the Presidency, that is until a string of brutal murders and a mysterious stranger from his past appear and open a Pandora’s Box of lies and secrets that threaten to derail his campaign.

Desperate to salvage his presidential bid, the senator hires the most dangerous man in the world, an assassin known as the 'Black Mamba.' 

While working to find the culprit behind a series of grisly murders, operatives from 'The Agency' discover that the senator's closet is teeming with skeletons, among them a pair of murders so heinous they haven’t been spoken of in over three decades!


‘The Agency’ also discovers these murders may be linked to a recent breach in their security. With law enforcement closing in on their mark, 'The Agency' races against time to contain additional collateral damage while protecting the senator from his past sins.


***Available anywhere books are  sold!



*** Contact me to receive your very own autographed copy.

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