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Follow me to a place where imagination has no limits, where your body and mind will become interwoven into every tale. At the turn of each page, you're encouraged to be master of your own destiny, but passion and ecstasy are just the beginning. You'll also find drama, suspense, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat! So hold on tight and prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime.

The Stories...

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Erotic Verses

ISBN-13: 978-0615869247



Winner of the 2014 Dayton Book Expo Best-Selling Fiction Award!

In her wildest dreams, Yvette never imagined that a kiss from her childhood sweetheart could ignite a passion that would set the riverfront ablaze.  Brandon never dreamed that finding his high school sweetheart in his news feed would rekindle their old flame.  And who would have thought that a simple bet would set best friends on a journey to becoming lovers?  What do these couples have in common?  They threw caution to the wind!  With no inhibitions and a willingness to fan the flames of lust, they achieved a level of ecstasy that most people only dream of.  From the very first page, this collection of erotic short stories encourages you to open your mind while exploring new realms of physical pleasure. 

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Operation Cover-up: Rise of the Black Mamba

ISBN-13: 978-0615996202


Five years ago Alexis “Alex” Stratton infiltrated a Jamaican Posse on a mission to assassinate its leader but thanks to an FBI mishap, his cover was blown.  In the process, his fiance was murdered and a target was placed on his back.  Left for dead, Alex quietly disappeared only to resurface a few years later with one thing on his mind; REVENGE! 


Now, this vengeful hit-man will stop at nothing to destroy Simon by using any means necessary, including manipulating and seducing his most prized possession; his wife Tisha.  In the process, Alex will place himself in the cross-hairs of corrupt FBI agents, rogue cops, and shady lawyers who are determined to keep Simon’s operations going.  Alex must also wrestle with his own personal demons before they take everything he has remaining, including his new lover, Lynn. 

BookCoverPreview EV2 - Copy (2).jpg
Erotic Verses II: Bedside Chronicles

ISBN-13: 978-1505746280


Taylor and Brent have the perfect marriage; a luxurious home, fancy cars, and thriving careers but there’s a problem.  There's no intimacy and Taylor's beginning to feel the pressure.  With Brent out of town and some extra time on her hands, she sets out on a journey to rekindle their flames and along the way, she receives help from an unlikely person; her pastor.

With Shannon’s birthday approaching and her mind racing for gift ideas, Erica finds herself in a pickle.  On one hand, she wants to find the ideal gift, but on the other, she wants something that they can both cherish together.  After some careful consideration, she settles on the perfect gift; Bethany.

Packed from beginning to end with pure eroticism and sensual indulgences, this collection of steamy tales promises to delight both male and female readers alike.  Like its award winning predecessor, Erotic Verses II: Bedside Chronicles combines graphic language, seductive scenarios, and orgasm-inducing imagery to create a reading experience unlike any other. 

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Intimate Connections

ISBN-13: 978-1797036045


Webster defines intimacy as “a state of being intimate or familiarity”. It also describes it as “something of a personal or private nature.” For couples like Perry and Brianna, Lance and Amber, and Chris and Melanie, intimacy is all about seizing the moment to keep the fires burning. Newlyweds like Craig and Tamara and married vets like Ben and Pam prove that there’s nothing more magical than throwing caution to the wind and surrendering to your deepest desires. But as Colin and Leslie prove, intimacy isn’t confined to a relationship or even a bedroom. Intimacy can be shared by anyone at any time, including on a desktop. And for those who may have traded a sweet caress for financial success, Jasmine and Brent have a special recipe for rekindling a dying a flame! These are but a few of the characters you’ll meet on this journey, but there’s one universal thing that binds them; the pursuit of intimacy!

Blood Ties Cover3.jpg

Blood Ties

ISBN-13: 978-1091493155


Legacy. For some people it’s merely a word but for Phineas Johnson and his brothers, building a legacy means working hard and making sacrifices today so that their families can reap the benefits tomorrow. “Family over everything” is the Johnson Family’s mantra, one that Phineas lived and breathed until his untimely death. His sons, Shane and Cedric are supposed to carry on that legacy but instead, they become locked in a bitter war to control it. One son wants Phineas to be remembered as a loving father, devoted husband, and a philanthropist while the other wants him to be remembered as a ruthless gangster who ruled Chicago with an iron fist. In the midst of this war, the family is forced to choose sides and doing so opens a Pandora’s Box of lies and secrets that will destroy the very foundation the Johnson Family is built on. This gritty tale will prove that even the strongest family ties can be tested by lust, greed, and jealousy.



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